STARK SpA, established in 1962 is a major manufacturer of wood working tools and world leader in the metal cutting field.

The headquarters and production facilities are located in Trivignano Udinese, Udine, Italy.

The Group boasts a network of strategically located distributors also thanks to its subsidiaries located all over the world: STARK GmbH & Co. in Germany and STARK TOOLS (Suzhou) Co., LTD. in China.

The strong points of the STARK Group are many:

- the organisation has been on the market for other 60 years, thereby a consolidated Customer Care service can be offered;

- the ISO 9001 certification guarantees the Customer a production process where quality and efficient after-sales assistance come first;

- the R&D divisions keep STARK at the forefront in the development of new products and in the supply of qualified technical assistance;

- the PVD department, which has become fundamental in the development of new treatment processes, thereby optimising product performance;

- the widespread network of Distributors and Sales Representative, which guarantees to our Customers to solve their needs with extreme competence and promptness.

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